When is a date ‘successful’? After the train wreck of the Pancake Man experience I’ve decided to dip my toe in the dating pond again and it’s got me thinking. We often define a date as successful ONLY when both parties involved mutually wish to tear each other’s clothes off or decide to be life-partners or […]

I admitted defeat!   I had done everything wrong and had scared off this handsome, sexy man.  I sent a few text messages over the next couple of weeks, oh you know the kind I mean, the general ” Hi you, hope you’re well, did you have fun this weekend?”  And of course I got […]

Ah, where were we…oh yes, seated at our table enjoying a wonderful meal. “How come you’re single?” I ask (in genuine wonderment). “I think the girls in this city just don’t know what to do with a guy with manners” he laughed.  “I have no problems talking to girls, I’m friendly and I do flirt, […]