I helped to host a singles night last week.

There wasn’t a great turnout so I went through the other rooms in this huge bar/restaurant place trying to convince (mostly men) to come into the bar specified for the singles night.  As a co-host it took the edge off being a single lady and gave me licence to mingle and talk to the clientèle with an unusual amount of directness all in the name of research (there I go again).

The ladies were delightful and engaging, the chaps were cagey and reticent!  However, I got asked for my number by one of the guys, after a bit more chatting I did indeed give him the number.

That was 5 days ago.

It’s got me thinking, this isn’t the first time recently when I’ve been asked for my number and not heard from the chap again.  What do you guys do with these numbers?  Do you wave them around under your friend’s noses with a triumphant “Yeah buddy, it was ME who got her number, not you!” What percentage of the numbers you collect do you actually call?

Are these numbers simply a trophy to pin to your wardrobe door displaying all the women who said “yes”?

Do you keep score with your mates and give a prize at the end of the year to the owner of the the largest amount of telephone numbers collected?  I do wonder?

Anyway, I’m changing tack, anyone who asks for my number will not get it, I’ll take their number instead…that should sort the wheat from the chaff!