loose knickers yellow So, Christmas came and went, January appeared and I hadn’t got the call from the Pancake Man.  Ah well, a shame as he was nice to talk to but no matter.  A few more weeks go by and I decided I’d contact him.  Why not, it’s not like I fancied him and was on the prowl, I’d got nothing to be shy about.  So, I emailed his company and left my details.

Lo and behold…he rang.

“Hi Stephanie” he says in his charming dialect.

“Ah Pancake Man, how are you , you remember me then?”

“Sure yes, ‘course I do, you had your Child with you” he replied.

“Cool, yes, that’s right so, I write this blog about dating and I was wondering if you’d help me with some research, I was really interested in what you told me about your experiences.  We could meet up say, a Saturday, perhaps get something to eat?” I ask.

“Yeah, that’d be great”…

And so after some really friendly chit-chat we arrange to meet somewhere in between where he lived and where I live.  He doesn’t drive in this country so he’d be travelling by train.  “No problem” I say, “I know just the place, I’ll be in touch with the details”.

A few days later I rang him and this is where I started, in quite slow motion, to trip over and fall flat on my face – obviously viewed in hindsight.  The whole process took about 10 days.  Let’s call today, the day of the phone call Day 1.

Day 1 – I call to arrange the logistics for our rendevouz – at which point I say “right, I’ve done all the checking for you and a train arrives at 7.08pm, I’ll book a table somewhere, that ok with you?”

“Of course,” he says “yes”.

Day 3 – TEXT: “Hi Pancake Man, I’ve booked a table for 7.30pm, I’ll come and meet you at the train station”

Day 6 – the rendezvous day – this is worthy of an entire post to itself…

(To be continued a bit more.)