Here I am again on another date. It’s only been a few weeks since I started actively dating but I’m exhausted!

It’s not just the actual going out on the dates that’s tiring (I’ve been arranging 2 per week). It’s the being sociable via a plethora of portals which makes me opt for semi-retirement from the dating game after only 5 weeks.

It’s the logging onto all these different forms of communication and reading the emails, messages, winks and cards as well as the text messages, Skype messages and actual conversations…and what a game it is!


Once again I’m reminded that we each have our own path, point of view and preferences and mine DO NOT consist of getting naked in front of my laptop to show a stranger my ‘booty’, nor do I want my ‘booty’ to be ‘only a phone call away’!

This online dating phenomenon has given a licence to people to cast aside not only their manners but, their sanity seems to be dropped to the floor along with their underwear and I, for one, do not wish to witness it!

If you want to get your tackle out in front of me, at least have the decency to take me to dinner first followed by quite a few more dates thank you very much.

To be fair, I have set myself up for this fatigue by accepting pretty much every reasonable invitation offered to me within my given criteria:

  • I must find them vaguely attractive
  • they must be within my specified age range and distance
  • they must be polite and write coherently
  • and they MUST NOT send me photos of their groin areas without garnering my permission first!

So, I’ve done well so far, all my dates have met my criteria…on paper (or screen) at least but, despite being mostly lovely chaps, they’er just not for me.

I’m not despondent though because I wonder, is it the demographic, my expectations, media pressure or timing that makes me think I SHOULD be looking for someone simply because I’m single.

Do I really want a boyfriend or a relationship anyway?

Am I too picky and setting my standards too high?


What do I actually want?


Now that IS the killer question!