I admitted defeat!  

I had done everything wrong and had scared off this handsome, sexy man.  I sent a few text messages over the next couple of weeks, oh you know the kind I mean, the general ” Hi you, hope you’re well, did you have fun this weekend?”  And of course I got the non-committal kind of responses:

“Yeah, am good thanks”
“Thanks for asking, yeah had a good weekend”
“Thanks, was working all weekend”
No inquiries into my health or welfare in return.  Nothing, nada, zilch, zero but still, being the modern, independent (confused)  woman that I am, I acted like a masochistic optometrist with a pin fetish!  Of course I would send other texts over the weeks trying to keep myself planted firmly on his radar.
Now, I’m a firm believer in the adages “everything happens for a reason” and “people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime”.  So what was the meaning of the Pancake Man?
Not only did I realise I was hopelessly out of practice with the whole dating scene but, I was also carrying some excess mental baggage  which was seriously impeding my flirting abilities.
I also realised that I have spent most of my time over the past few years hanging out with kids or chicks…or both.  With fellow ladies, gentlemanly etiquette does not exist (hence holding the door open for the Pancake Man!)
This is a list of more things I learned from this experience:-
  1. Don’t treat a grown man like a little boy (not even if they act like one) let him work out his own travel arrangements.
  2. When a man you like asks to meet you it’s usually because they actually want to.  Don’t question or analyse it,  just go.
  3. Never, NEVER hold the door open, stand back and then swoop your hand in a motion to gesture him through the door like the concierge at The Ritz!
  4. If he says, “no, let me” when the bill comes – let him!
  5. Don’t sit with a good looking, tactile guy who flirts with you and pay more attention to your notebook.
  6. Let a him pursue you.
  7. If he genuinely has lost his phone and your number you can initiate first contact.  If he writes or says “thank God you text/rang cos I lost my phone and have been frantically trying to get in touch, I was worried you’d think I wasn’t interested” then he’s a keeper. You can now let him resume pursing you.
  8. If he’s lost his phone and replies to your first contact with a non-committal “yeah, I lost my phone” let him go!
This is my advice, you can take it and retain your pride and dignity or you can do what I did and ignore it all and feel like a prize t*t!