Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have a particular ‘type’ of chap, except I DON’T go for the wide-boy types, the ones who describe themselves as “carayzeeee!” (shudders) no, not my type at all.  I suppose I do quite like the clean-cut, decent, gentlemanly type fellas. So I was a bit surprised when I […]

Here I am again on another date. It’s only been a few weeks since I started actively dating but I’m exhausted! It’s not just the actual going out on the dates that’s tiring (I’ve been arranging 2 per week). It’s the being sociable via a plethora of portals which makes me opt for semi-retirement from the […]

I helped to host a singles night last week. There wasn’t a great turnout so I went through the other rooms in this huge bar/restaurant place trying to convince (mostly men) to come into the bar specified for the singles night.  As a co-host it took the edge off being a single lady and gave […]