When is a date ‘successful’?

1950s date

After the train wreck of the Pancake Man experience I’ve decided to dip my toe in the dating pond again and it’s got me thinking.

We often define a date as successful ONLY when both parties involved mutually wish to tear each other’s clothes off or decide to be life-partners or at the very least mutually agree to a second date!

But, I’ve realised that I’ve just been on two ‘successful’ dates. They went well, the chaps were courteous and friendly (and both asked to meet again).

To me, that’s  a success.

The fact that I don’t feel connected enough to have a second date doesn’t render the whole experience an epic fail, I learned something new about life both times AND I learned about myself too.

We seem to get hooked on unrealistic objectives leading up to and during that first date: to have a relationship, to get married, to play games with someone, to get laid, to get the other person to like us…

Seriously, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a FIRST date!

The objective of a date (which in itself is simply a Pre-arranged Appointment) especially a first one, should be to FIND OUT if you get on well enough to meet again. Same for a second date…and again and again.

That’s it, nothing to get bent out of shape about.

You’re not going to seek approval, if they’re not into you or vice versa so what.

Let’s have lots and lots of dates with lovely peeps and even if it’s not boyfriend/girlfriend material, they’ll still be a success.