Sometimes, conversations with people about my single status lead me to think I’ve got it all wrong. Sometimes they label me as fussy, picky, choosy.

Sometimes I wonder if they’re right but mostly, I think I just know what I like and more importantly, what I DON’T like.   Am I being picky or am I simply being a modern woman in the 21st Century?

Tonight, I had cause to reflect on these labels after my date with Mr Teacher.

Good things:

  • He worked in other industries and got into teaching later in life so he’s not educationally institutionalised!
  • Tall
  • Attractive
  • Varied interests and has travelled
  • Nice clothes
  • Flattering
  • Reads actual books

The off-putting thing:

  • He informed me he’d worked an entire weekend writing different versions of test responses for his students to pass off as their own!  (This does not help the students in the long run but DOES make his stats look good).
  • He replied to one of his students, when they expressed gratitude for doing this, “OK, OK mate, no need to go on and on about it, you don’t have to s**k me off.”  And yes, he did say that and not “suck up to me”!

Do I think I was being choosy or picky to not want to see him again?

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