I’ve just come home from  a little trip to our local outdoors place.  The kind of place that sells tents, walking gear and camping equipment etc.  I was in the aisle that sells smaller items like books, penknife…and over heard a woman laughing and saying to her chap:

“Hey look, these are good (emergency roadside survival kits), perhaps we should get one for when you drive us to the Lake District and we get lost again!”

She went on, “It’ll be good for when we go on day trips with you”, turning to their daughter “he’s terrible isn’t he, always getting us lost?”

He said nothing but, just looked at her, dead-pan.  I swear I could feel his ‘Screw You-ometer’ getting cranked up to full by the second and she wittered on and he stared at her silently!

I actually stopped breathing as I watched the scene.

All credit to the guy for not throwing a fit and turning it into a full blown row but I did wonder to myself exactly what he was thinking.  I don’t think it was complimentary or respectful.

Why was I willing her to stop talking?

Because here it is – ladies,  NEVER ever poke, prod or tread on a man’s ego, NEVER.

It’s the fastest way to lose your credibility with a man.  If the man in the store is not good at navigation, why make fun of it, what if it were you?

And for that matter – gentlemen, NEVER EVER poke, prod or tread all over a woman’s emotions…

Taking the micky out of someone’s ‘failings’ is a dangerous and belittling practice, don’t be surprised at the outcome if you do.

It’s the kind of thing that festers away at respect and eats into a relationship, all relationships not just intimate ones.